Signs  Date: 2018 
Pictures of road signs 

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13/06/2017 :: Olympus2018:02:10 14:14:43 :: OLYMPUS CORPORATION     TG-4Forex määrad oanda. :: 2017:08:25 15:34:29 :: Canon Canon PowerShot S5 IS2017:08:25 15:34:53 :: Canon Canon PowerShot S5 IS
  Crooked signs at Park Lane Junction     Left hand chevron sign misplaced following RTI at Oakes Corner     Signs at Park Lane jcn     Signs at Park Lane jcn  
2018:07:25 13:00:162019:02:24 15:45:22 :: OLYMPUS CORPORATION     TG-42019:11:13 14:33:33 :: Canon Canon PowerShot SX150 IS2019:11:13 15:01:37 :: Canon Canon PowerShot SX150 IS
  Walgherton Disfigured sign     I0036 - Chevron sign missing     Hatherton sign, Hunsterson Road     Chevrons, London Road  
2019:11:13 15:22:08 :: Canon Canon PowerShot SX150 IS2019:11:13 15:10:37 :: Canon Canon PowerShot SX150 IS2019:11:27 14:40:50 :: OLYMPUS CORPORATION     TG-42020:02:02 13:22:45 :: OLYMPUS CORPORATION     TG-4
  Direction sign, London Road     School sign, Back Lane     Damaged SID at Oakes Corner     Chevron sign down on Audlem Road  
2020:02:02 13:59:58 :: OLYMPUS CORPORATION     TG-42021:01:24 15:32:26 :: OLYMPUS CORPORATION     TG-42021:01:24 15:47:26 :: OLYMPUS CORPORATION     TG-42021:03:28 14:58:28 :: OLYMPUS CORPORATION     TG-4
  Chevron sign down on London Road     Walgherton sign disfigured     Weight limit signs washed out     Damaged signs at Oakes Corner  
2022:03:06 10:28:27 :: OLYMPUS CORPORATION     TG-42022:05:13 10:41:57 :: OLYMPUS CORPORATION     TG-42022:05:13 10:45:34 :: OLYMPUS CORPORATION     TG-4
  Damaged signs at Oakes Corner     Broken sign on Bridgemere Lane     Walgherton sign after cleaning     Speed camera sign on London Road  
2022:05:13 10:53:07 :: OLYMPUS CORPORATION     TG-4   
  Speed camera sign on London Road      

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