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Gulley on Audlem Road with water emerging

Album title:  Flooding and road drainage

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Gulley on Audlem Road with water emerging
Lodge LaneLodge LaneBlocked drains, London RoadBlocked gulley, Wybunbury RoadBlocked gulley on Audlem Road
Blocked gulleys on Audlem Road (near and far side)Gulley on Audlem Road with water emergingBlocked gulley on Bridgemere LaneBlocked gulley on Hunstreson Road at Parke Lane crossroadsContinuing flooding of road at Walgherton crossroads/Wybunbury Road
Water emerging from under roadBlocked gulley A529 hr NewholmeMissing grid at Manor FarmBlocked gulley opposite Dagfields entranceBlocked gulley opposite Dagfields entrance
Blocked gulley opposite Dagfields entranceBroken grid opposite Oak DeneHuns RoadVerge alongside A529 at Hatherton HouseVerge alongside A529 at Hatherton House

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