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H and W issue number: R014
Type of issue: d => 4: road drainage
Title: Series of blocked gulleys on A51
Road: 5W => London Road N of Crewe Rd
Location & NGR: Running N from near London Rd Farm SJ 69162 49231
Detail: Water seen emerging from gulley just W of London Road Farm on W (Nantwich) side of farm entrance, S side of road. Water runs past a number of other gulleys before finally draining into gulley near Howbeck Bridge. There is clearly a long stretch of intermittent or continuous blockage on this stretch. Update 13/11/2019: no change, pictures taken. Currently extends from SJ 69152 49231 to SJ 69059 49228.
Action to be taken or taken: Reported on-line. Email 3/5/18 from CEC Highways says this will be attended to "this year". Update 20/5/18: There are signs that this may have been done but will require a check after wet weather. Therefore not closed. Update 24/02/2019: no change. Update 18/05/2019: no change. Update 13/11/2019: no change. Reported again. Update 02/02/2020: no change. Update 26/03/2020: no change. Update 24/01/2021: no change. Update 28/03/2021: no change. Update 14/05/2021: no change. Update 24/07/2021: no change. Update 14/11/2021: Some cleared during recent work on the Hatherton Bends. Item removed for now. Update 06/03/2022: still running from SJ 69106 49230 to 69015 49224
Date reported to authority:
Authority's reference and name: 3315843 and 3377519 (21/11/2019)
Response from authority: Current Status: Enquiry resolved Last updated: 03/05/2018 - 12:12 Thank you for your enquiry. The gullys to which you refer form part of this years schedule of works and will be attended to as part of our programmed empty. Further details of the Authority’s approach to highway gully care, along with an indicative schedule for the works, is available at Thank you for contacting Cheshire East Highways.
Date issue closed:
Status: a => 2: action required

Linked pictures: P021: Water emerging from gulley on A51   P022: Water flowing past blocked gulley on A51  

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