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H and W issue number: R057
Type of issue: 2 => 2: signs
Title: Damaged Speed Indicating Sign at Oakes Corner
Road: 1H => Audlem Rd N of Crewe Rd
Location & NGR: North of Oakes Corner at start of Hatherton Bends on A529 SJ 68070 47304
Detail: Update 28/11/2019: new issue. Sign has been twisted round by collision with vehicle and no longer works.
Action to be taken or taken: Reported to CEC Highways Update 02/02/2020: no change. Update 26/03/2020: sign appears to have been straightened and now faces the road so treated as work complete. Update 18/05/2020: sign not working. Needs reporting. Update 05/06/2020: Sign supposedly fixed but still not working (CK reported). Reported again with reference: 3398550. Update 27/09/2020: no change. Update 24/01/2021: no change. Council seems to say that these signs will not be repaired (compare issue in Bridgemere). Update 28/03/2021: no change. Update 14/05/2021: no change. Update 24/07/2021: no change. Update 24/01/2022: Sign has now been working for a few weeks.
Date reported to authority: 28/11/2019
Authority's reference and name: 3378218 / 3398550 CEC
Response from authority: Update 28/05/2020: From CEC: We are pleased to confirm that work is now complete and your enquiry has been resolved. Update 06/05/2021: From CEC: The work relating to your enquiry has now been programmed in accordance with our current priorities and will be completed in due course.
Date issue closed:
Status: f => 5: work finished

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