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The table shows details for the issue number [R058]. If any explanation is required, contact the Parish Council through the enquiry page.

H and W issue number: R058
Type of issue: p => 1: road damage
Title: Gulley blocked and road damage
Road: 9H => Bridgemere Lane
Location & NGR: SJ 68793 46203
Detail: Update 02/02/2020: new issue. Gulley blocked and surface breaking up around it and along the road to the east.
Action to be taken or taken: Update 26/03/2020: issue reported to Cheshire East. Update 27/09/2020: no change. Update 24/01/2021: no change. Update 28/03/2021: no change. Update 14/05/2021: not checked. Update 24/07/2021: not checked.
Date reported to authority: 26/03/2020
Authority's reference and name: 3395199
Response from authority: 27/04/2020: Gully emptying programmes are based on condition data collected during previous schedules, as well as criteria such as road type, volume of traffic, the proximity of schools, hospitals and transport hubs, as well as known flood risk areas. This targeted approach to gully emptying means that not all gullies will be emptied every year. We will however attend to specific issues where gullies are blocked and causing a danger to highway users or flooding to property. From the details provided, it doesn't appear that there is any immediate hazard, nuisance or threat to property. However, if you can assist us by providing any further information, then we will consider what action is appropriate. This can be done either via the 'report it' option on the website at, or by telephone on 0300 123 5020. Please be aware that the website provides the opportunity to attach supporting photographs should you feel that this would be beneficial.
Date issue closed:
Status: r => 3: reported

Linked pictures: P140: Blocked gulley on Bridgemere Lane  

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