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H and W issue number: R008
Type of issue: o => 6: other (please specify)
Title: A529 Speed Reduction measures
Road: 1H => Audlem Rd N of Crewe Rd
Location & NGR: Junction of A529 and Park Lane SJ 67928 48135
Detail: Slow traffic down as it exits the A529 onto Park Lane
Action to be taken or taken: Install carriageway narrowing speed reduction chicane similar to that at Back Lane and Bridge St Wybunbury Assessment to be taken under Minor Works No 1533. Update 20/5/18: no action has been taken yet. Update 19/9/18: no change. Update 24/02/2019: no change. Update 18/05/2019: no change. Update 13/11/2019: no change. Update 02/02/2020: no change. Update 26/03/2020: no change. Update 27/09/2020: no change. Update 24/01/2021: no change. Update 28/03/2021: no change. Update 14/05/2021: no change. Update 24/07/2021: no change.
Date reported to authority: 12/01/2018
Authority's reference and name: 2541596 Now Minor Works 1533
Response from authority: Current Status: Enquiry resolved Last updated: 25/01/2018 - 13:07 Thank you for taking the time to contact Cheshire East Highways. Following our telephone call we consider the matter to be resolved. Thank you for contacting the team.
Date issue closed:
Status: r => 3: reported

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