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H and W issue number: R009
Type of issue: o => 6: other (please specify)
Title: B5071 Poor Visibility at Junction
Road: 3H => Crewe Rd, Hatherton
Location & NGR: Junction of Hunstersion Rd, Crewe Rd B5071 SJ 68719 47473
Detail: As 40mph limit was refused ( not meeting 40 mph strategy criteria) Request made to investigate better visibility after 3 significant accidents at this junction.
Action to be taken or taken: Improve visibility at junction, Reported at PC meeting 29/1/18. Update 20/5/18: no action has been taken yet. Update 19/9/18: no change. Update 24/02/2019: no change. Update 18/05/2019: no change. Update 13/11/2019: no change. Update 02/02/2020: no change. Update 26/03/2020: no change. Update 27/09/2020: no change. Update 28/03/2021: no change. Update 24/07/2021: no change.
Date reported to authority:
Authority's reference and name:
Response from authority:
Date issue closed:
Status: r => 3: reported

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