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H and W issue number: I056
Type of issue: 2 => 2: signs
Title: Chevron signs flattened on dangerous bend
Road: 5W => London Road N of Crewe Rd
Location & NGR: London Road SJ 69367 49229
Detail: 13/11/2019: One of a pair of chevron signs has been knocked down and no longer clearly indicates direction.
Action to be taken or taken: Reported. Update 02/02/2020: no change. Noted that a second sign has also been knocked down at SJ 694345 49245. Update 26/03/2020: no change except that there are now FOUR displaced chevrons. Update 27/09/2020: work complete, signs have been re-erected.
Date reported to authority: 21/11/2019
Authority's reference and name: 3377529 to CEC Highways
Response from authority:
Date issue closed:
Status: f => 5: work finished

Linked pictures: P119: Chevrons, London Road   P144: Chevron sign down on London Road  

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