Local map

The map has been initially centred on Hatherton and Walgherton.   |  print screen

To use the map to make an enquiry, either right-click the location of the issue and use the "report location" link when it appears above or drag the white pointer to the issue.  If you use the white pointer, click it once to get a link to the enquiry page.  Follow that link to place your enquiry.  The grey pointers mark the boundaries of Hatherton and Walgherton on the roads. 

Open issues are show with blue pointers.   Show finished issues with green pointers.  Show closed issues with orange pointers.  

Click on pointers for more information.
Rightclick to store mouse position. Store and re-centre before changing digits or zooming.

To centre the map on a grid reference, enter the details here.  Boxes left blank will be ignored.  Boxes after the first non-blank box will be ignored.

Input method:     GB grid     Irish grid     UTM     LatLong     LatLong string                
GB grid reference (e.g. SJ 6510 5234 - Nantwich): Irish grid reference (e.g. H 084 386):
or UTM  (e.g. 30T 452420 4797239 - Bar German): (Make sure the ref has letter/number zone then numbers with easting followed by northing, all separated by spaces . Map Datum is WGS84. Note: in the UTM or lat/long references, the space can be replaced with a + sign.)
or latitude and longitude (WGS84): latitude N:  S:  ,  longitude W:  E: 
Select lat/long display format: dd.ddddd°    dd° mm.mmmm'    dd° mm' ss"  .     Negative values are ignored, use N/S or W/E selectors as required.
Lat lon as string from Olympus (eg. 53.0341667 N , -2.4475000 W):  
No of digits in NGR:     Zoom level: