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H and W issue number: I011
Type of issue: d => 4: road drainage
Title: B5071 Partial road flooding
Road: 3H => Crewe Rd, Hatherton
Location & NGR: Junction of Hunsterson Rd and Crewe Rd SJ 68737 47473
Detail: Water backs up from the runoff Helers Field and roadway under Crosslands Garage and over the road to Childwall House and down the Park Lane. Drains are blocked by tree roots. During periods of heavy rain, floods back up to the doorstep of Crosslands House.
Action to be taken or taken: Grids cleared at the Crewe Road end of Park Lane and Hunsterson Road on 16/3/18. Not known if road drains were jetted clear at the same time. Check next time it rains for completion. Update 20/9/18: after heavy rain the road flooded again. Gulleys are nominally clear but the drains that take the water away down Park Lane are partly blocked. Flood clears after a short while but meantime it reached their front and back doorsteps. Pictures taken. Update 3/10/18: Message from resident reported that grids and their associated drains have been attended to by CEC Highways. Update 26/03/2020: no change inasmuchas this problem recurred during heavy rain in early 2020.
Date reported to authority: 2017 then 20/9/2018
Authority's reference and name: 2541302 and 3307652 and 3338283
Response from authority: Current Status: Enquiry resolved Last updated: 21/09/2018 - 12:59 Thank you for your enquiry. The Gully/Drainage at CREWE ROAD, NANTWICH has been assessed. At the time of this inspection, no defects were identified that were considered to present an immediate danger to highway users. The reported defect will be incorporated into our asset management-led programmes of work for repair over the longer term. We will continue to keep the highway safe for all users via our scheduled safety inspection regime. Should any defects fall within intervention levels in the meantime, arrangements will be made for prompt repair.
Date issue closed:
Status: r => 3: reported

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