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H and W issue number: I026
Type of issue: o => 6: other (please specify)
Title: Leak of effluent across road damaging new road surface
Road: 1H => Audlem Rd N of Crewe Rd
Location & NGR: At first bend near 100m from Oakes Corner SJ 68085 47294
Detail: Foul water overflow from tank at Oakes Corner has led to damage to the new road surface on the A529
Action to be taken or taken: Matter has been reported by CK to the owners of the properties concerned. Report was repeated on 1 June 2018 and they say their engneers are working to resolve the issue. Update 19/9/18: there atill appears to be contaminated water in a puddle adjacent to the road and the surface is breaking up (see photo P065). Update 31/10/18: Report from resident copying response from Environment Agency. Extract: "a drainage company attended Oaks Corner today and they discovered that there is a grid and drainage gully within the hedge next to the spillage. They found the drain to be completely overgrown and blocked, full of silt and mud and its lid not on properly. They have thoroughly cleared and jet washed out this drain and flow tested it and it is now flowing freely. I am hoping that this will have remedied the situation. " Update 24/02/19: no discharge visible (in dry weather). Update 18/05/2019: now satisfactory.
Date reported to authority: Prior to 1 June 2018
Authority's reference and name:
Response from authority:
Date issue closed:
Status: f => 5: work finished

Linked pictures: P065: Damaged road and possibly contaminated puddle beyond  

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